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So last Tuesday I took my Grandfather and my cousin, Ethan, to the game at the AA center.  It was against the Sharks and the Stars were originally supposed to lose to the top team in the western conference, but despite the odds the Stars managed an amazing win against the Sharks with a 8-2 win!!  It was easily the best game all season and it was so exciting to be there and see it live!!

We got to AA center like an hour early so I took this time to explain the essentials of hockey to my cousin and my grandfather.  This was their first hockey game and man what a great game to see for your first time!! Every time the Stars scored my grandfather who is 87 years old stood up and cheered on the Stars!!  He had a blast and it was great to see it.

So back to the game…Morrow and Ribeiro each scored two goals and also each assisted twice.  The other four goals of the night came from Richards, Ott, Segal, and Toby Peterson.  They were all great goals and two of them came when they were shorthanded!!  Kari Lehtonen played his second game since joining the Stars and made an outstanding 44 saves against the Sharks!!  He had an incredible game making some unbelievable saves!!  This is why Lehtonen was undoubtedly the player of the game.

So all in all it was a fantastic game and I’m so glad I got to go and witness it!!!!

Here is Lehtonen making one of his many saves Tuesday night against the San Jose Sharks!!!

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Oh no Modano…

So apparently Modano went into surgery for an appendectomy last Monday.  Now they official reporting is that he will be out indefinitely….well now doesnt that just suck!!  I hope he can return shortly, so that he can finish out the remainder of the season seeing as how it will probably be his last.

On a side note what is going on with the Stars this season.  First, Karlis Skrastins has to practically have one of his fingers sewn back on.  Second, Mike Ribeiro has to have emergency throat surgery because of the nasty hit he took after Christmas.  Third, Steve Ott has an appendectomy right before the Olympics start and finally, now Modano is also out due to an appendectomy!!  It just seems like there has been a lot more surgical aspects to this season than normal.

Well hopefully Modano will be back sooner rather than later, so lets all pray that he makes a quick recovery and that he will be back on the team in no time!!!

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So last Friday I got to go to the Stars game against the Kings at the AA center.  I went to the game with JuJu, Nick, Kristin and Travis (her fiancée!).  So it was a fun time but unfortunately the Stars lost in a shootout.  Overall, the game was quite uneventful neither teams were playing at their best and it showed.

Now Nick and JuJu did not think we had the best seats but for only 15 bucks a seat, I thought they were worth the money.  Sure they were in the nose bleed section but at least it was center ice, so we were able to see everything.  Kristin and Travis had first floor seats, and they got them for a great price because they used their student I.D.’s, which I didn’t know you could do, but now I do!!  Apparently all you have to do is go to the Ticket office an hour before the game starts and show your school I.D. and get discounted tickets!

During the game Nick and JuJu were entertaining themselves while I watched the game, thank god for that!   Also, Kristin kept texting me about which of the Hockey players would be a good match for me (as if any of them are gay!).  But she seemed to think that Eriksson is much better than Benn.  But I, of course, had to disagree because Benn is my number one!!  Not many other people think that Benn is hot but for some reason he really does it for me!  Her fiancée, Travis, thought Modano is better only because he has a hot wife, which even I have to agree, she is freaking gorgeous!!  I’m guessing Travis was hoping that I could break up Modano’s marriage so that he could have his wife.  Sorry Kristin, lol!

Finally, one horrible aspect of the game was this shitty ass band that played before the game and during the first intermission….they were absolutely terrible!!  I forget what their name was but all I know is that I never want to hear them sing again!!  It was just awful!

So even though the Stars lost it was still a fun night, and now that I know about college tickets I will be able to go more often!!!!

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