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So I was reading an article this morning about how Coach Crawford and GM Joe Nieuwendyk have been really impressed by rookie Jamie Benn this season and his ability to step up to the plate…or I guess ice.  Here is the article in which Steve Ott discuss the benefit of having Benn on the team and how he will continue to contribute to the team!!  It’s a pretty good article that just proves my belief, that this whole season, Benn has been a HUGE asset to the team!


Here is Benn making a great play against the Avalanche a few weeks ago!!  (When you enlarge the picture it seems as though he has a pretty good ass!!)

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Stars vs Sharks take 2

So no such luck for the Stars Thursday night, they got shut out against the Sharks by 3-0.  It wasn’t the best of games and the Stars didn’t play that well either.  The good news is that apparently the Stars are not totally out of the Playoffs but it is looking grim.  Hopefully they can win their last few games and clinch a spot in the playoffs!  That means that tonight they have to beat the Kings, it is going to be hard but I believe they can do it!!  So watch the game tonight at 9:30pm central time!!

Meanwhile the Sharks win assured them a spot in the Playoffs, hopefully the Stars will be able to meet them again in the playoffs!

Here is Turco making a pretty good save against the Sharks!

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