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Brad Richards…gay??

The reason I’m writing this post is because for some reason most of the search engine terms that bring visitors to my blog is because they are searching “Brad Richards Gay”.  So I’m guessing that a bunch of people out there are thinking that Brad Richards is gay.  Well I’m thinking the answer is No!

I can see why some people would think that, because he is 29 and still has a roommate (James Neal) and is not reportedly dating anyone.  Also, when he is off the ice he is always so well-kept.  Plus, some people, like me, are probably hoping that he might be gay….but I won’t hold my breath.  I’m guessing that he isn’t gay, but for those of you wondering there is always a small, very minute, chance that he is.

So after looking at this picture there is a small part of me that is now really hoping that Richards is gay!!

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So Modano did an interview this morning in which he stated that he is scheduled in the line-up for Fridays game against the Oilers.  So that means he will be able to play the last five games of the season, and hopefully make it to where the Stars can go out with a bang!

Also, in the interview Modano talked about his future with the team and the possibility of playing next season (PLEASE GOD!!!).  So from the interview I gathered that he has three options: 1) Play with the Stars next season, my favorite option!!  2) Play for another team next season (HELL NO!!).  3) Lastly, he has been approached to participate in buying the franchise, which is cool because at least he would still be part of the team in some form.

He also, talked about the possibility that the team may not want him for next season, well here are my reasons as to why that would be one of the dumbest ideas: 1) Modano has been with the team since it began, he is the face of the Stars. 2) If the franchise is trying to get fans in the seats the last thing they should do is turn their backs on a fan favorite!! 3) Also, he may be older but there is a lot to be said for experience on the ice, he still contributes to the team in more than one way!

So there is my spiel on why Modano should come back next season!!!

I just hope Crawford and Nieuwendyk do the right thing, because turning their backs on Modano I think would turn away some fans, and that is the last thing they need right now!

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So this is a kind of funny story from Chicago about a mural that was painted to honor the hockey teams captain, and I don’t think it turned out how the city wanted it.  So here is the picture, lets see if you can find the obvious thing wrong with the picture….

So if your thinking that the guy in this picture, Jonathan Toews, looks like he is part pig well you are thinking the same thing that all Chicago fans are thinking!

Not only are they disgusted by the fact that their Captain looks like Babe, but they are also horrible offended by the jinx that is painted next to the captain.  Painting the Stanley cup on a mural for a team that hasn’t won it in over 30 years, is most definitely a HUGE jinx!!  So who ever painted this mural managed to severely piss off the city of Chicago, I doubt the artist will be asked to do another artwork for Chicago!!

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