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Last Saturday night the Stars played their final game of the season against the Minnesota Wild….and won!!!  The Stars won in a shootout in which my favorite Benn scored the winning goal!!  The score going into overtime was 3-3 with Ott making two goals and Morrow making the other goal.  Overall the game was fairly exciting and not a bad way for the Stars to finish out their season.

During the first period of the game the Wild fans gave Modano another long and deserving standing ovation!!!  It was nice to see that Modano’s home town was right there with him cheering him on in his potential last game!!  It was also funny to hear that every time Modano got the puck the crowd started to go nuts, even though he might have scored on their own team…they didn’t care they just wanted him to score.  Sadly, he didn’t, but that’s okay because of his kick-ass game last Thursday!!!

Another touching aspect of the game was at the end of the game Modano was yet again named the top star of the night, pretty cool!!!  Also, at the end of the game Modano came back onto the ice and wore his original jersey of the Minnesota North Stars.  Here are two pictures one taken on Saturday the other taken on Modano’s draft day!!  (I gotta say he looks EXTREMELY better now than he did back then!!!)

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