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*  Disclaimer:  The title is borrowed from author George R. R. Martin.

Well it ain’t over yet.

I am of course not happy about being down 3-0 in the series.  In fact, it outright sucks.  Being shut out 4-0 last night just adds insult to injury after the two overtime wins by the Kings.  But even I have to acknowledge the wonderful performance by Jonathan Quick, the amazing goalie of the Kings.

The Kings’ reaching 3-0 so quickly (Quick-ly? :) ) also cut short the series I planned to pen.  I initially planned to write five pieces, counting on the series go to at least game 6:  prelude, overture, crescendo, finale, and postlude.  Now it looks like finale will come much quicker than I thought.

So I struggled to think of what to say.  And then I saw this post from another Devils’ fan on Facebook.  This said all I need to, and I will just copy and paste the post after the jump.

Honor, civility, sportsmanship, and candor, important qualities to possess even in the heat of the game and especially when frustrated by the prospect of elimination.  I will try, knowing that many times I will fail, to carry these qualities with me in my life and my games.


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