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So the Texas Stars are going to the Calder Cup!!!  They will be playing the Hershey Bears in the 7 game series.  The first 2 games will take place in Pennsylvania and the 3 after that will take place right here in Texas!  You can purchase tickets at the official website of the Texas Stars: www.texasstarshockey.com

In Wednesday’s game against the Bulldogs the Stars won 4-2 and of course Jamie Benn scored one of those goals!!

Anyway the first game starts on June 3rd, which is next Wednesday.  Be sure to support the Texas Stars in their first visit to the Calder Cup finals!!!

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Stars Warehouse Sale

So last Friday I went to the Stars Annual Warehouse Sale in Frisco at the Dr. Pepper Stars Center.  I was really excited to go because I have never been and they were supposed to have a lot of shit for 80% off.  Well on the advertisement for the sale they said they would be selling used and new jerseys (which was the real reason as to why I went).  Well so I get there and it turns out that they only really sell stuff from the players that are no longer apart of the team.  Sooo there was a crap load of Marty Turco stuff and not really any used player equipment and there were only Marty Turco jerseys along with some Zubov jerseys.  So I’m guessing that since Turco is no longer with the Stars they decided to sell ALL of his shit!!!  So all in all it was kind of a disappointment.  But I did get some things!!

While I was there I bought some Stars Crocs (I know judge me later!!), I bought two shirts (one with Ryan Neal and Brett Hull), then I bought another hat, a Stars beer mug, and an iPod case.  So I actually got some pretty cool stuff and only for like $70, I think I saved a total of $35.  So I guess the trip itself wasn’t a complete failure it just wasn’t what I was expecting.  I really wanted to see if they had a Jamie Benn jersey that I could buy, but they didn’t so I guess I’m going to have to order one online!!

I guess next year they will be selling Modano stuff so maybe I’ll go again next year.

Also, as a gift to myself for graduation I went on ebay and bid on a signed autograph of Mike Modano!!  My final bid was like $55 and after looking around I realised I got a good deal, only because the auction ended at 3 in the morning.  So now I just need a place to hang up the picture but it looks GREAT!!!

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So tomorrow night the Texas Stars will play their final game in the Western Division series against the Hamilton Bulldogs.  The winner of this game will be going to the Calder Cup playoffs against the Hershey Bears.  So if the Texas Stars can pull off a win tomorrow night then they will be going to the Calder Cup Playoffs!!!  So be rooting for them during their game tomorrow!!  Thankfully they will be playing in Texas at their own rink…so they get home ice advantage!!!

Also, in a Jamie Benn update:  He now has a total of 23 points!!!  Hopefully he can continue his amazing streak!!!  In game 6 of the series he scored the winning goal in OT!!

Matt Climie should also be praised, because he apparently has been an amazing goaltender these past few games!!!  This is a great thing because Climie is apparently going to be the Dallas Stars backup goalie for the upcoming season.  Other players that are playing for the Texas Stars that have also played for the Dallas Stars are: Ray Sawada, Warren Peters, and Maxime Fortunus.

Here are several pictures of the past few games…yes I know majority contain Jamie Benn, but just look how cute he is!!!!

Here is Jamie Benn scoring the winning goal in the last game!!!

I can’t believe how HOT he is!!!!

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So tonight was the third game in the Calder cup playoffs and the Texas Stars won!!  Now so far in the playoffs they are losing 2-1 against the Hamilton Bulldogs.  The Hamilton Bulldogs are the AHL team that feed into the Montreal Canadiens (who themselves are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs).  Anyway, since NONE of my NHL teams are succeeding I decided to put all of my hopes into the Texas Stars so I hope they can pull out a couple more wins so that they can win the Calder Cup!!!

Like I have said before I think it would be truly spectacular if they won because this is their first year in the AHL!!  So it would be totally amazing!  Also, Jamie Benn is playing for them and kicking ass!!  In the 13 playoff games that he has played in he has scored 17 points!!  Pretty amazing!

So game four is Friday night and it will be playing on the radio, I’m not sure what station (my guess 104.9FM) but if you want to find out so that you can listen in and root on the Texas Stars!!!

So I couldn’t find any pictures from tonight’s game so here is something that made me happy!!! God he is SOOOO hot!!!

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So tonight is game 7 for the Division finals in the AHL, whoever wins tonight’s game gets to go play for the Calder Cup…lets hope it is the Texas Stars!!  I’m a bit concerned because in Game 6 (in which the Stars lost) the goalie, Brent Krahn, suffered a head injury and will not be playing tonight.  I’m assuming that the back up goalie, Matt Climie, will be playing so hopefully he can help the Stars pull off a win!!

So everyone needs to be praying that the Texas Stars win tonight’s game so that they can go and play for the Calder Cup.  Not to mention Jamie Benn will be playing with them tonight as well!!!

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So last night the Texas Stars played the Chicago Wolves in game 5 of the West Division finals.  During the game my favorite Jamie Benn scored his first hat trick!!!  The final score of the game was 5-3.  This win for the Texas Stars gives them the lead in the series which is now 3-2.  Their next game is tomorrow in Chicago and if they win they get to go to Calder Cup!!

This whole thing is really impressive considering this is the first season for the Texas Stars!!  Now I can’t help but feel that Jamie Benn has had something to do with their success, I know he didn’t take them to the playoffs but he sure is a big factor in the progress since being in the playoffs!!  Besides his hat trick last night he also has had 4 goals and 4 assists in the previous playoff games.  With last nights 5 points (3 goals and 2 assists) he now has a total of 13 points in the playoff games.  That is really impressive and I think that he is doing a lot to help the Texas Stars reach the Calder Cup Playoffs!

Since my NHL playoffs aren’t turning out the way I wanted I now have to put all of my hopes into the Texas Stars!!  So hopefully they can pull it off!

These are a few pictures from the past five games of the Stars…of course they are all Jamie Benn!!  I gotta say at first I wasn’t digging the facial hair but the more I look at it the more I’m on board with it!!  (Although there really isn’t anything he could do that would make me think he was ugly!!)

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So for those of you who don’t know the Texas Stars is a team that plays in the AHL, the AHL is basically the minor league of hockey.  Every team member of the Dallas Stars that has been “brought up” mid-season came from the Texas Stars, like Maxime Fortunus and Warren Peters.  Every AHL team has a corresponding team in the NHL that they feed players into.  So the Dallas Stars use the Texas Stars to basically condition inexperienced players so that they will someday be ready to play in the NHL.

So anyway after the Dallas Stars did not qualify for the playoffs the GM decided to move Jamie Benn down to the AHL so that he could help the Texas Stars in the playoffs (in the AHL they play for the Calder Cup).  Well it turns out he is doing a great job there as well!!!  The Texas Stars are doing a great job and have now acquired a spot in the western division finals.  Now the Texas Stars have been doing a great job all season but now that Benn is in the mix he has already gave the team a lot of great goals!!

What makes this even more impressive for the Texas Stars is that this is their first year as an AHL team.  Because it is their first season they are on a probationary year just so that they can prove their worth.  I think its safe to say that they have more than accomplished that this year, considering they stand a good chance at heading to the calder cup finals!!

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Last Saturday night the Stars played their final game of the season against the Minnesota Wild….and won!!!  The Stars won in a shootout in which my favorite Benn scored the winning goal!!  The score going into overtime was 3-3 with Ott making two goals and Morrow making the other goal.  Overall the game was fairly exciting and not a bad way for the Stars to finish out their season.

During the first period of the game the Wild fans gave Modano another long and deserving standing ovation!!!  It was nice to see that Modano’s home town was right there with him cheering him on in his potential last game!!  It was also funny to hear that every time Modano got the puck the crowd started to go nuts, even though he might have scored on their own team…they didn’t care they just wanted him to score.  Sadly, he didn’t, but that’s okay because of his kick-ass game last Thursday!!!

Another touching aspect of the game was at the end of the game Modano was yet again named the top star of the night, pretty cool!!!  Also, at the end of the game Modano came back onto the ice and wore his original jersey of the Minnesota North Stars.  Here are two pictures one taken on Saturday the other taken on Modano’s draft day!!  (I gotta say he looks EXTREMELY better now than he did back then!!!)

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Way to go Benn!!!!!  So last night the Stars played the Oilers at home and beat the crap out of them!!  The final score was 6-3, and it was kind of funny because the Stars scored 3 in the first period.  Then the Oilers scored 3 times in the second period, finally the Stars scored their remaining 3 goals in the last period.  My boy Benn scored 2 of the goals in the last period, both of them assisted by MODANO!!  They were both great plays!  The rest of the goals came from Richards, Ribeiro, Lehtinen, and Neal.  The game was quite good, and Kari Lehtonen was in the net for the Stars.  Overall the player of the game HAD to be Jamie Benn!!!  He was great not only scoring 2 of the goals but also handling the puck with amazing skill!!

Now this win technically keeps the Stars in the running for the playoffs, but they need to keep winning their games to keep the dream alive.  Hopefully they will win against the Blues tonight and therefore keep the dream alive!!!   Also, with last nights two goals Benn now has 21 goals in his rookie year and is still in contention for the Calder trophy!!  Also, Modano reached his 800th career assist with the amazing setup he gave Benn on his first goal, the crowd gave him a standing ovation for his achievement!!  It was great!

Here is the team celebrating Benn’s second goal of the night!!

Alright I’m off the watch the Stars and the Blues game!!  Hopefully it’s a great win for the Stars!!!

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So I was reading an article this morning about how Coach Crawford and GM Joe Nieuwendyk have been really impressed by rookie Jamie Benn this season and his ability to step up to the plate…or I guess ice.  Here is the article in which Steve Ott discuss the benefit of having Benn on the team and how he will continue to contribute to the team!!  It’s a pretty good article that just proves my belief, that this whole season, Benn has been a HUGE asset to the team!


Here is Benn making a great play against the Avalanche a few weeks ago!!  (When you enlarge the picture it seems as though he has a pretty good ass!!)

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The Calder Trophy

So the Calder trophy is a trophy that is given out at the end of each season to the “most proficient player in his first year in the NHL”.  Well now apparently there is buzz in the hockey world that Jamie Benn is now a contender for the award!!!  As of now he is the 4th highest scoring rookie in the league and has played an amazing game this season especially looking at the fact that he has played 3 different positions.  So hopefully Benn is rewarded for his hard work this season, because in my opinion he deserves the trophy!!

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So here is a top ten list of what I believe to be the hottest guys in the NHL!!  I bet you can guess who number 1 is….

  1. Jamie Benn – So of course this is my number 1, and if you read more of my blog it becomes very apparent that I may have an obsession problem!!!

2.  Zach Parise – So I knew of Zack Parise but it wasn’t until the Vancouver olympics that I truly noticed how incredibly hot he is!!  Not to mention he is currently one of the best american players in the league.

3. Mike Fisher – So I put Mike Fisher in the top ten because he may not have much going on in the face department but something about him is just so sexy.  Plus he has an AMAZING body!!  Also, he seems like a great guy so that makes him sexier!  (Also, he is engaged to Carrie Underwood…good for him because she is hot.)

4. Mike Modano – How could I not put Modano in this list he just exudes sex appeal!!  He is an amazing player and apparently an amazing person!  Plus I have had a crush on him since I first watched the Stars win the Stanley Cup.

5. Mike Comrie – So yet another Mike and this one happens to be dating Hilary Duff.  He is really hot and I think the main reason is because he just seems really manly which is totally sexy!

6. Brad Richards – Ok I know it seems I’m favoring the Stars (which I probably am) but Brad Richards is totally hot.  Now I hate when guys have long hair but Richards is one of the few guys that looks good with long hair, but he is still hotter with short hair!

7. Rick DiPietro – So this is one hot goalie that could stop my puck any day!  (So I know that doesn’t really makes sense but it sounds dirty and proves a point that this guy is hot.)  Plus, look at those arms!

8. Max Talbot – So I had never heard of Talbot before but when I was looking up pictures of Sidney Crosby I saw his picture and thought immediately how incredibly sexy he is.  He kind of looks like a major douche…but he is still hot!

9. Henrik Lundqvist – So Henrik really isn’t the type of man I’m interested in (too pretty) but there is no denying the fact that he is hot!!  (JuJu wanted me to put his brother, Joel, in but I decided against it because he no longer plays for the NHL)

10. Sidney Crosby – So before the olympics I thought Sidney Crosby was hot, but then during the olympics I was disgusted by the fact that he scored the game winning goal against the US so I thought he was ugly…now he is back to semi-hot!  (By the way he kinda looks like Andy Samburg.)

So there you have it, the Top Ten Hottest NHL players!!!  So now who do you think I should have added or taken off??  Also, if you say I should have taken off Jamie Benn then you can suck it because he is HOT!!!

Update(03/15/2011) – If you would like to have some input for the 2011 updated list visit the new post here


Update(03/27/2011) – Here is the 2011 Top Ten Hottest NHL Players


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So last Friday I got to go to the Stars game against the Kings at the AA center.  I went to the game with JuJu, Nick, Kristin and Travis (her fiancée!).  So it was a fun time but unfortunately the Stars lost in a shootout.  Overall, the game was quite uneventful neither teams were playing at their best and it showed.

Now Nick and JuJu did not think we had the best seats but for only 15 bucks a seat, I thought they were worth the money.  Sure they were in the nose bleed section but at least it was center ice, so we were able to see everything.  Kristin and Travis had first floor seats, and they got them for a great price because they used their student I.D.’s, which I didn’t know you could do, but now I do!!  Apparently all you have to do is go to the Ticket office an hour before the game starts and show your school I.D. and get discounted tickets!

During the game Nick and JuJu were entertaining themselves while I watched the game, thank god for that!   Also, Kristin kept texting me about which of the Hockey players would be a good match for me (as if any of them are gay!).  But she seemed to think that Eriksson is much better than Benn.  But I, of course, had to disagree because Benn is my number one!!  Not many other people think that Benn is hot but for some reason he really does it for me!  Her fiancée, Travis, thought Modano is better only because he has a hot wife, which even I have to agree, she is freaking gorgeous!!  I’m guessing Travis was hoping that I could break up Modano’s marriage so that he could have his wife.  Sorry Kristin, lol!

Finally, one horrible aspect of the game was this shitty ass band that played before the game and during the first intermission….they were absolutely terrible!!  I forget what their name was but all I know is that I never want to hear them sing again!!  It was just awful!

So even though the Stars lost it was still a fun night, and now that I know about college tickets I will be able to go more often!!!!

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So last night was the last game before the olympic break, and what a game it was!!!  The Stars had yet another shutout against the Coyotes making it the second time in a row!!  The final score was 3-0, with newbie Brandon Segal scoring the first goal of the game.  Rookie Jamie Benn scored the second goal of the game with a great assist from Mike Ribeiro.  The last goal of the game came from Toby Peterson in the last minutes of the game.

Marty Turco was, yet again, the reason the Stars had a shutout last night.  He saved a total of 40 shots last night.  I would have to say that Turco was undoubtedly the best player of the night, while Ribeiro was a close second.  Even though Ribeiro didn’t score any points last night he was really working his ass off to control that puck.  Plus he had that great pass to Benn which then lead to the Stars second goal. 

With the win last night it puts the Stars in playoff contention!!  They are in the 9th spot in the western conference and are only 1 point away from being in the 8th spot!!  Being in the 8th spot would then allow the Stars to go to the playoffs!!! 

So anyway this will be the last Stars post for the next two weeks due to the olympics, but I’ll be posting about the olympics for those two weeks!!

Here  is Modano playing some great defense during a Coyote power-play.

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Stars vs. Flames

So Thursday the Stars played the Calgary Flames and really kicked ass!   The final score was 3-1 with Ribeiro scoring two of the goals and my favorite, Benn, scoring another.  The only goal for the Flames actually came from the Stars own Captain, Brendan Morrow, when he accidently swung the puck into his own net!!!  To be fair he was trying to get the puck out of the goalie area but he just made a mistake and sent it into our own net!  All in all it was a very exciting game!!  The Stars had a lot of power plays against them and were able  to block every shot against them, speaking of blocking, Turco made 32 saves! 

During the last-minute of the game the Flames put another puck in the net, or so they thought.  After a long review the ref’s determined that the puck never fully crossed the goal line, therefore it was not a goal, great news for the Stars!!!  After the Flames failed attempt at a goal they decided to add a 6th man on the ice and therefore, left their net unattended, this then led to Ribeiro scoring a goal with a shot from his own blue line. Spectacular! 

The best player of the night was probably Turco, he made some great saves and was able to protect the net against many power plays!

Jamie Benn after scoring the second goal of the night, with assists from Morrow and James Neal.

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