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*  Disclaimer:  The title is borrowed from author George R. R. Martin.

Where did that team come from?

Bryce Salvador (24) Celebrates the Game-Winning Goal

My Devils are halfway to the impossible now, on their way back to Los Angeles where an entire city must be asking the above-mentioned question.  Just four days ago, the Kings were happily cruising along, one victory away from giving the City of Angels its first Stanley Cup with an amazing young goalie and a stream of good luck.  Now, the Kings have lost two consecutive games for the first time in months.  The Devils, by contrast, are gaining confidence by the minute.

Of course, with the series currently at 3-2, my Devils are clearly still the underdog–one mistake and the series could end with the Stanley Cup parading through Hollywood and Beverly Hills.  But we are, as of now, halfway to a feat that has only been achieved once in NHL history:  bouncing back from a 3-0 series to win the Cup.


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*  Disclaimer:  The title is borrowed from author George R. R. Martin.

Well it ain’t over yet.

I am of course not happy about being down 3-0 in the series.  In fact, it outright sucks.  Being shut out 4-0 last night just adds insult to injury after the two overtime wins by the Kings.  But even I have to acknowledge the wonderful performance by Jonathan Quick, the amazing goalie of the Kings.

The Kings’ reaching 3-0 so quickly (Quick-ly? :) ) also cut short the series I planned to pen.  I initially planned to write five pieces, counting on the series go to at least game 6:  prelude, overture, crescendo, finale, and postlude.  Now it looks like finale will come much quicker than I thought.

So I struggled to think of what to say.  And then I saw this post from another Devils’ fan on Facebook.  This said all I need to, and I will just copy and paste the post after the jump.

Honor, civility, sportsmanship, and candor, important qualities to possess even in the heat of the game and especially when frustrated by the prospect of elimination.  I will try, knowing that many times I will fail, to carry these qualities with me in my life and my games.


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In Round 1 of the Eastern Conference I rooted for the Boston Bruins.

No, it was not because of Tyler Seguin.  It was that nobody wanted to play against the Flyers.

Based on the seeding, Eastern Conference Round 1 pitted the Flyers against the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The Flyers won that series in six games, beating their long time rival.  The remaining three series all went to Game 7.  Based on their seeding, if the Bruins had beat the Capitals (Caps), then the Devils would have been matched up with the Rangers.  If the Caps won, then Devils would have gone up against the Flyers.

Nobody wanted to play against the Flyers–a consensus shared by the fans of the Rangers, the Caps, and the Devils in my office.


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I’m torn

So the start of the Stanley Cup finals are here!!! and I am completely torn as to who I want to win.  On one hand I really think the Canucks have been a consistently good team for the past few seasons.  And then on the other hand the Bruins have really been impressive, especially Tim Thomas their goalie.  So I just don’t know what to do…although it maybe kind of a good thing, because now I can watch the finals without a bias.  So I can watch the games and just look at how they are playing as opposed to normally going full fledge to one side and ignoring the bad things they do, haha!  Who know it might be sort of cool!

Although even as I write this I know that before the end of the finals I will be leaning (probably heavily) to one team.  :)

So the first of the final games is on right now and I’m watching it as I write this and I must say both teams are playing pretty evenly.  Although I will say tsk tsk to the Canuck that just tried to bite one of the Bruins.  WTF?!?!

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Sorry its been so long school has definitely kept me busy the last several weeks but now I’m done and can discuss all the events of the NHL playoffs!

So first and foremost the team I’m pulling for is yet again the Vancouver Canucks…hopefully they can pull it off this year, they look pretty good so far!  Now for the eastern conference I’m pulling for the Boston Bruins, truly only because I think their goalie Tim Thomas is spectacular to watch!  As of last night the Sharks beat out the Red Wings to face off against the Canucks so it should be a pretty good series and I’m pulling for the Canucks!  The Bruins are up against Tampa Bay Lightning and I think they can beat them as well…although Tampa Bay has been astonishingly good this season.

Anyway the conference finals start tomorrow and I believe they are being played on NBC but not 100% sure and to lazy to look it up, haha!

Now the story I’ve been mad about since it happened was the last game of the NHL regular season that the Stars SHOULD have won to put themselves in the playoffs but instead the LOST to the freaking Minnesota Wild and therefore didn’t make the playoff’s.  I have to say I was severely pissed after that game and I still haven’t gotten over it, haha!  But at least the Canucks are doing great so I have high hopes for them!!!  Come on Stanley Cup!!

Alright well now that the semester is over I should have more time to update so I’m looking forward to it!

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately I started a new job a few weeks and that on top of family and friends I have been EXTREMELY busy!!

So turning to hockey…THE BLACKHAWKS WON THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!!  So the game itself was very exciting but the final shot on goal was kind of anticlimactic.  I mean after Patrick Kane scored the final shot of the cup everyone in the stadium was just kind of quite as a couple of the Blackhawks team members started to celebrate.  So then of course for safety purposes the refs decided to review the shot, it was very clearly a good shot, but I think they did it to appease the Flyer fans.  So the game itself kind of ended awkwardly, but it was still a good game and I was so HAPPY that Chicago won!!!!

So, after the game they presented the Stanley Cup to the Blackhawks captain Jonathon Toews…during this time the people of Philadelphia felt that the appropriate thing to do would be to boo during the entire ceremony.  It was a disgusting display of poor sportsmanship.  I mean how pathetic are the Flyers fans, everyone played a great series and now all they can do is boo because they lost!!!  It made me dislike the Flyers even more and I wasn’t sure that was possible!!

So of course Toews was made the MVP of the series and as far as I could see that was probably the best choice and he deserved it the most!  So anyway it is sad to see that this season is over but it is only a few more months until the next NHL preseason starts!!!

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Game 5 goes to the BLACKHAWKS!!!!!  So Sunday night the Blackhawks won their third game and therefore lead the Stanley Cup series 3-2!!!  The game itself was really good!!  The final score ended up being 7-4!!

The final goal came at the very end when the Flyers put a sixth player on the ice and thankfully a Blackhawks player, Dustin Byfluglien, got around the Flyers and he scored a sweet shot from the blue line into the empty net!!  Dustin Byfluglien scored 2 goals and also had 2 assist for the game, he by far was the best player of the evening, not only in points but just in general playing skills!  Also, the Blackhawks goalie Antti Neimi was playing really well too!  The game was really good and it got me all pumped up to see Game 6 hoping that the Blackhawks will win so that they can win the Stanley Cup!!!!

Also, seeing the game on Sunday it was interesting to see all of the things that Chicago has done to its city during these games…

Notice in the second picture the Michael Jordan statue has an ice skate on his shoes!!!

Also, this isn’t really related but while watching the game the announcers noticed Vince Vaughn standing their watching the game, anyway here is a picture of him on Sunday night!

So remember that tomorrow night, Wednesday June 8th, Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals will be airing on NBC at 7pm!!!  Be sure to watch!!!

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So last Friday night the fourth game of the Stanley Cup took place in Philadelphia…and the Flyers won.  The final score ended up being 5-3.  The first two periods of the game were kind of dull and boring but the last period is when it got really exciting!!

Going into the third period the Blackhawks were down 3-1 and it looked as if they were finished, but man did they fight hard to win at the last second!  They were able to bring their score up to 3 with two shots, while the Flyers also scored one more shot making the score 4-3 in the last 3 minutes of the game.  So of course the Blackhawks decided to take Neimi out of the net for an extra player to try to tie up the score with the remaining few minutes.  Unfortunately one of the Flyers got hold of the puck and was able to manuever around the Blackhawks defense and score an empty net goal.  This made the final score 5-3.

Anyway so Game 5 of the Stanley Cup occurred on Sunday night and I will be posting about that in a few minutes.  Also Game 6 is on tomorrow night at 7pm on NBC.  Be sure to watch!!!

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So unfortunately the Blackhawks lost Game 3 of the series.  The final score was 4-3 and the final goal was scored during overtime.  The winning shot came from Giroux, only five minutes into the overtime period.

The game itself was a better game than game 2 in terms of players skill and actual game play.  Now there was still a lot more roughness than normal but it wasn’t as bad as the last game.  Also, that jackass Carcillo wasn’t as horrible as he had been previously, part of me thinks that is because he was playing in his own stadium.  Anyway so the players that scored for Chicago were Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, and Brent Sopel.  Now I remember Kane’s shot and it was pretty impressive, especially seeing how young he was later that night!

Anyway, so the series is now tied at 2-1 with the Blackhawks in the lead.  I’m praying that tonight the Blackhawks can win, seeing as how close the last game was I’m hoping that they can do it!!  So like I was saying tonight is Game 4 of the Stanley Cup and it will show on the VS. network at 7pm.  So be sure to watch and root on the Blackhawks…or the Flyers if that’s what your into.


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Last night was the second game of the Stanley Cup series and although it wasn’t nearly as exciting as the first game, Chicago managed to win again!!  The final score was 2-1.

Now the game itself was EXTREMELY intense!  All of the players on either side were just trying to beat the crap out of each other!  There was one player on the Flyers who especially seems like a huge jackass!  His name is David Carcillo and he is a forward and a huge ASSHOLE!!!  Now I understand that he is probably the enforcer and everyone in the game was being rougher than normal…but he just seemed like a tool.  Every time he got called out on a penalty he kept acting like it wasn’t his fault.  Now this pisses me because if you are going to be an enforcer don’t get pissed off when a ref calls you on it!!  Lets look at Steve Ott, he is the main enforcer for the Stars and when he gets called out on a penalty he just takes it like a man!  The only time he ever gets fussy is when he is wrongfully penalized (which isn’t often).  But this Carcillo guy just kept bitching every time he was called out!  It just ticks me off because he just needs to be a man and accept his punishment!!

Anyway, like I said the entire game was a constant brawl.  It made for good television but at one point during the game I just wanted them to play some damn hockey!  Because to be honest, none of the offense was good last night.  Now the defense however was amazing, especially the Blackhawks goalie, Antti Neimi!!!  He was pretty spectacular last night!

Also, I noticed last night that the captain of the Flyers, Mike Richards, is really good-looking!!!  When I was watching the game last night I decided to look him up and came to find out that he probably broke his nose at some point, because it is pretty a skewed.  But for some reason that made him much more attractive!!!

Here are some pics of last nights game:

Here is Niemi making one of his many amazing saves last night!

Here is that Jackass I mentioned earlier getting pissed off at one of the Blackhawks!

Finally here is a good picture of Mike Richards!!  I think he is pretty hot!!!

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So Saturday night was the first night of the Stanley Cup and thankfully the Blackhawks won!!!  Now I had a bunch of family over on Saturday night so I wasn’t able to watch the entire game, but what I saw was pretty amazing!  The first period in itself was so fast paced and incredible it felt like the game itself.  Now the final score was 6-5!!  This is the highest scoring first game since 1992.

Now at the end of the first period the Blackhawks were down 4-3 and I was a little worried and amazed at the same time.  Now I was amazed because of the fact that in the first period the shots kept going back and forth, it was truly a fantastic game!!!  So I didn’t get to see the last period but I was very happy to find out that Chicago had won the first game of the Stanley Cup!!!

So Game 2 is tonight and starts at 7pm and will be shown on NBC, be sure to watch and lets see who wins tonight!!  My belief is that if Chicago wins then they have a good chance at the cup, but if Philadelphia wins then it is going to be a toss up.  Apparently game 2 is where we truly see which team is in it to win it!!

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So the Texas Stars are going to the Calder Cup!!!  They will be playing the Hershey Bears in the 7 game series.  The first 2 games will take place in Pennsylvania and the 3 after that will take place right here in Texas!  You can purchase tickets at the official website of the Texas Stars: www.texasstarshockey.com

In Wednesday’s game against the Bulldogs the Stars won 4-2 and of course Jamie Benn scored one of those goals!!

Anyway the first game starts on June 3rd, which is next Wednesday.  Be sure to support the Texas Stars in their first visit to the Calder Cup finals!!!

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Stanley Cup Preview!!

So the Stanly Cup is finally upon us, starting this Saturday the Philadelphia Flyers and the Chicago Blackhawks will go at each other to win the most prestigious award in Hockey!

Now since NONE of my teams made it very far in the playoffs (especially since my favorite team didn’t even qualify) I have decided that I would really like the Blackhawks to win this year!!  Now Jonathan Toews, the captain of the Blackhawks, is having the best playoff’s so far.  He is dominating in playoff scores and leading in points.  Also, I want the Blackhaws to win mainly because they haven’t been to the Stanley Cup finals since 1992 and haven’t won a Stanley Cup since the early 60′s.  Where as the Flyers went to the Stanley Cup in 1996 and have won a couple in the past 30 or so years.

Now I’m not really familiar with either team but from what I have heard and read about Chicago I’m rooting for them and I’m hoping that they can win a Stanley Cup!!!

The first game of the series begins this Saturday at 7:00pm on NBC, be sure to watch!!

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So tomorrow night the Texas Stars will play their final game in the Western Division series against the Hamilton Bulldogs.  The winner of this game will be going to the Calder Cup playoffs against the Hershey Bears.  So if the Texas Stars can pull off a win tomorrow night then they will be going to the Calder Cup Playoffs!!!  So be rooting for them during their game tomorrow!!  Thankfully they will be playing in Texas at their own rink…so they get home ice advantage!!!

Also, in a Jamie Benn update:  He now has a total of 23 points!!!  Hopefully he can continue his amazing streak!!!  In game 6 of the series he scored the winning goal in OT!!

Matt Climie should also be praised, because he apparently has been an amazing goaltender these past few games!!!  This is a great thing because Climie is apparently going to be the Dallas Stars backup goalie for the upcoming season.  Other players that are playing for the Texas Stars that have also played for the Dallas Stars are: Ray Sawada, Warren Peters, and Maxime Fortunus.

Here are several pictures of the past few games…yes I know majority contain Jamie Benn, but just look how cute he is!!!!

Here is Jamie Benn scoring the winning goal in the last game!!!

I can’t believe how HOT he is!!!!

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So tonight was the third game in the Calder cup playoffs and the Texas Stars won!!  Now so far in the playoffs they are losing 2-1 against the Hamilton Bulldogs.  The Hamilton Bulldogs are the AHL team that feed into the Montreal Canadiens (who themselves are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs).  Anyway, since NONE of my NHL teams are succeeding I decided to put all of my hopes into the Texas Stars so I hope they can pull out a couple more wins so that they can win the Calder Cup!!!

Like I have said before I think it would be truly spectacular if they won because this is their first year in the AHL!!  So it would be totally amazing!  Also, Jamie Benn is playing for them and kicking ass!!  In the 13 playoff games that he has played in he has scored 17 points!!  Pretty amazing!

So game four is Friday night and it will be playing on the radio, I’m not sure what station (my guess 104.9FM) but if you want to find out so that you can listen in and root on the Texas Stars!!!

So I couldn’t find any pictures from tonight’s game so here is something that made me happy!!! God he is SOOOO hot!!!

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