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I’m torn

So the start of the Stanley Cup finals are here!!! and I am completely torn as to who I want to win.  On one hand I really think the Canucks have been a consistently good team for the past few seasons.  And then on the other hand the Bruins have really been impressive, especially Tim Thomas their goalie.  So I just don’t know what to do…although it maybe kind of a good thing, because now I can watch the finals without a bias.  So I can watch the games and just look at how they are playing as opposed to normally going full fledge to one side and ignoring the bad things they do, haha!  Who know it might be sort of cool!

Although even as I write this I know that before the end of the finals I will be leaning (probably heavily) to one team.  :)

So the first of the final games is on right now and I’m watching it as I write this and I must say both teams are playing pretty evenly.  Although I will say tsk tsk to the Canuck that just tried to bite one of the Bruins.  WTF?!?!

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So after my three teams, that were in the playoffs, have all been kicked out I am now rooting for the Vancouver Canucks!  Don’t ask why because there is no reason I chose the Canucks over another team, except that I like Vancouver and it was a beautiful city.  Pretty pathetic, I know, I’m basically choosing a team just because I like the city in which they play…..but you know what that’s what I’m going to do.

So anyway the Canucks are in the semifinals with the Chicago Blackhawks.  As of last night the Canucks are behind in their series 2-1.  So hopefully the Canucks can pull off another win and maybe even clench a spot in the conference finals.  This would be ideal but considering my luck with picking teams this season I don’t really see this happening….but I can hope!!

Another reason as to why I’m now rooting for the Canucks is because I like their fans!  The Canuck fans have been dressing up like green men and dancing next to the opposing teams penalty box and basically taunting them throughout the game.  Yes, it is stupid but also quite amusing!!

Here is a game during the season in which the “Green Men” taunted a Nashville player!!

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