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So during the last two weeks of the Olympics I got enthralled in the game of Curling!  This game is really interest and is probably the only olympic event that I could actually take part in!  Now after watching the first couple of games I finally figured out the majority of the rules and terminology.  So after watching these games for two whole weeks I now find myself wanting to experience playing the game.

So I looked up the DFW curling club and as it turns out DFW has one of the biggest curling clubs in America.  Well I was happy to see that the club was offering a tutoring session in curling for only 10 dollars.  I wasn’t happy to find out that I wasn’t going to be able to go because I had previous plans to go see the Phantom of the Opera.  So now I still want to go to the curling club and see how fun the game is, but….none of my friends (JuJu and Nick) want to go with me, for some reason they think that curling will be boring.  I think Nick just doesn’t want to be seen at a curling rink and I’m not sure JuJu wants to exert the energy to learn how to play!!  I however think that it would be fun!  So I hope within the next couple of weeks I can find someone who wants to go learn curling with me!!

By the way, I don’t know if anyone watched curling, but one of the men on the Canadian team was probably the hottest person at these Olympics!!  His name is John Morris and he was voted the sexiest bachelor in Canada, and man is he ever!!

So anyway hopefully I will be learning how to “Curl” within the next couple of weeks!!!

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