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Opening Ceremonies

So last night was the opening ceremonies of the XXI Winter Olympics in Vancouver!!  I went over to my friend Nick’s apartment and watched them with him and JuJu!!  Overall, it was a good ceremony, considering that they had a quarter of the time, money, man-power, and space that Beijing had.  It was a shame that they had a malfunction when it came to the lighting of the torch, because that would have been really cool!! 

Also, before the ceremony started I had heard that Wayne Gretzky wasn’t going to light the torch, which I immediately started bitching about (just ask JuJu and Nick).  So the entire night I was thinking who could possibly light the torch that is more qualified than “the great one”.  I mean the man is the greatest athlete to come out of Canada!!  Thankfully I had heard wrong and Gretzky actually did light the torch, which is exactly what should have happened!!  I almost slapped JuJu when Wayne Gretsky came on the screen and even after Bob Costas said “The Great One” she still asked “Who the hell is that??”, I just don’t know what I’m going to do about that girl!!!  (I still love her though, :) )

Anyway, the worst part of the ceremonies came when Nelly Furtado (which I had no idea she was Canadian!!) and Bryan Adams came out singing some stupid ass song about coming together in the world.  Nick pointed out that they were lip-synching because when it was Bryan Adams turn to sing you could hear his voice and then you saw him lift up his microphone in a hurry!  I guess Bryan Adams is out of practice when it comes to performing, considering he hasn’t been relevant since 1994.  One beef I had about the musical talent is why in the hell would you not have Celine Dion perform!!!  She is the biggest musical talent to come out of Canada (and probably the best singer in the world) and they don’t put her in the opening ceremonies!!!!  How dumb could they be!!

It was funny that only about 2 hockey players were at the games for Canada and the U.S.  So few were there because all of the players on both teams play for the NHL, so the majority of the players still had games to play either that night or tonight.  I’m assuming they will all be in Vancouver after tonights games are finished, leading to the two long week break in the NHL.

Overall it was a great night with great beer, great friends, and a great start to the winter olympics!!

The United States coming out during the Parade of Nations!

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