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To those who closely follow NHL news, the retirement of Sean Avery is not exactly “news.”  But, having disclaimed both quality and quantity of my posts, I feel neither guilt nor shame about bringing you late “news.”

What a character Sean is! Leave it to him to announce his retirement on Bravo TV.  I particularly enjoyed this exchange:

Q. What are your plans for the future, hockey-wise?

AVERY: I am officially retired. I threw my skates in the Hudson. [To Nicole Richie] It’s the river.

RICHIE: I know. I thought you meant that you threw them against Kate Hudson’s face.

AVERY: No. But she, I think, has dated a few hockey players in the past.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sean, a character people loved or hated, a brief introduction after the jump.

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Welcome Vinnie!

Alright guys, so apparently more people than just my occasional friends read this blog and a reader asked if he could contribute to the blog! Of course I said yes and after reading his introduction post I’m so glad I did! Even though he is a New Jersey Devils fan, I think we can expect some great insight from him! So without further ado please welcome Vinnie!!!


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Here is my annual list of the Top Ten Hottest NHL Players…according to me!

1.  Jamie BennDallas Stars - Yes, for the third year in a row Jamie Benn makes the top of the list!! Maybe I’m not being totally unbiased with this list but my blog my choice, haha! He remains on the list because not only of his amazingly boyish good looks but because he is becoming a standout player as well. (i.e. making the all-star team this year!) Even though he has been growing his hair out longer, which I’m not crazy about, he is still a massive hunk!

2.  Patrick SharpChicago Blackhawks - Patrick Sharp made his first appearance last year on the list and this year he even scooted up a few places. I think Patrick is “the boy next door” kind of cute. He seems like such a nice guy and to me that makes him extremely hot! Also, he is a new father and that also ups his hot factor…because lets face it guys with kids are HOT!

3.  Ryan Kesler - Vancouver Canucks - The first newbie on this years list is here by popular demand. I lot of people think Kesler is hot and after sifting through a LOT of photos I agree, especially after seeing the one below! Now personally I’m not an ab person, but for him I could exception.

4.  Mike RichardsLos Angeles KingsSo thankfully, Mike Richards left the dreaded Flyer’s and joined another Stars rival team, haha! I wish he played for the Stars because he is actually a really smart player on the ice and is extremely cute on and off the ice!

5.  Brenden Morrow - Dallas Stars – So last year I put Morrow in the honorable mentions category and I’m not sure why I just didn’t put him on the actually list. Morrow is one of few people who looks good in pictures but even better in person, and not just occasionally better in person, but all the time in person! Even after he’s been knocked around a few times on the rink. He may not be the kind of height that I like but he’s still very handsome!

6.  Gabriel Landeskog - Colorado Avalanche - Another newbie to the list and one that was presented to me by many of the viewers of the blog, is Gabriel Landeskog. I’m not sure why but he reminds me of two actors of the “Hunger Games” and both of those actors were hot! He’s a really cute guy and he seems like the innocent type (maybe because he is only 19) but that is always a turn on, haha!

7.  Zach Parise - New Jersey Devils – Another player who has been on the list every year is the ‘jock hot’ player, Zach Parise. Parise seems like he may be kind of a douche (One of the side effects of being ‘jock hot’) but regardless of what he does off the ice, the man can play one hell of a game of hockey and look good while doing it!

8.  Brad RichardsNew York Rangers - If you’re familiar with the past two years lists you might notice that Brad Richards is considerably lower on the list than in previous years. Now I can’t help but feel the fact that he no longer wears the green and gold that I love so dearly is partly responsible for his demotion on this years list. Regardless, one of the main reasons Richards ever made the list was because of what I like to call the good-Samaritan look. Richards seems like such a nice guy and that shoots up his hotness factor way up.

9.  Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangers - Lundqvist is another veteran to the list and the main reason he shows up every year is due to that incredible smile of his. It is a killer smile, and that’s coming from a guy he doesn’t really notice that kind of stuff…but in this case how could you not notice!

10.  Stu Bickel - New York Rangers - To close out this years list I’ve decided to end with yet another newbie. I’ll be honest I had no clue who Bickel was before reading his name in one of the comments from one of my other posts, but after looking him up I’m glad I saw his name. What makes me attracted to Bickel is that he is normal looking. He looks like a normal guy with good looks…who just happens to be a NHL star.

So there you guys have it, my picks for the 2012 hottest NHL players! I decided not to do any honorable mentions this year, if you miss it let me know and I’ll add it back on.  So what do you guys think, did I leave anyone off??

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So in a few weeks I will be updating my list of the top ten hottest NHL players, and I wanted to see what you guys thought!  Over the past year I definitely have had some new additions to the list but I want to see who you guys would like to see on the list.

Last year I actually listened to some people’s suggestions and they were put on the list so go ahead and tell me who you think is a NHL hottie!

And before anyone asks…yes Jamie Benn will be number one again this year! 3 times in a row!

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You Can Play

Real quick…sorry for the nonexistence, just been really busy with life and haven’t had a laptop to write on.  But I’m trying to make an effort to get better, this next story gave me the push I needed!

So first of all I’m posting this video, please watch spread and then read below!!

I’m in LOVE with this video!!  It sends out such an amazing message to everyone, not just gay people and hockey players. Everyone can benefit from the message in this video and I think it is an incredible homage to Brendan Burke and what he wanted to happen for the professional world of hockey!

The foundation You Can Play Project has a website and I encourage everyone to visit it and join their cause! This isn’t just about hockey it is about all professional sports and the gay athletes that deserve to play openly for them! I joined an hour ago and am very excited to see what this Project can do!

Patrick Burke, Brendan Burke’s brother, is one of the founding members of the You Can Play Project and I think it is amazing that he continues to live out his brothers wishes and dreams. Such an amazing brother!

Please go to the website and spread the word, this is a huge deal and I hope it gets the attention it deserves and I hope it brings the change that is needed!

And a huge Thank You to Vincent for sending me the link to the video!! You’re awesome!

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All-Star Weekend!!

This weekend, including today, is the NHL All-Star Game and Skills competition! Everything will be shown on NBC and the Skills competition is tomorrow at 4pm and the Game is Sunday at 7pm!  Pretty much all day Sunday is going to be recapping the weekend and looking at stats and all that good stuff!

Last night the two team captains, Alfredsson (Senators) and Chara (Bruins), picked there teammates for the skills portion and the game on Sunday.  Sadly, and for no apparent reason, Jamie Benn was picked second to last…WTF?!?! Well at least it wasn’t last, but he is now playing on Zdeno (I still can’t pronounce his name right) Chara’s team.  Jamie was picked for a couple of the skills portions for tomorrow and will hopefully play a lot as a forward on Sunday!

On a side note…I’m extremely happy that Tim Thomas was also chosen by Chara as the goaltender, I love watching that man in action!

Here is a link to see the rest of the roster for the All-Star weekend!

Gotta say I’m not a huge fan of Benn’s increasingly growing hair…but he is still Jamie Benn!!! And that is enough said!

Everyone have fun watching the games this weekend!!


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Jamie Benn = AllStar

So this is a couple of days late buuuut Jamie Benn is now a NHL All-Star!!  He was the only Dallas Star to make the team this year, but what better athlete to represent the Stars than Jamie Benn!  Now in my opinion Benn should have played on the All-Star team when he was a Rookie, because he was almost in Calder Cup position and was doing awesome his first year, but unfortunately I don’t pick out the All-Star team.

Other notable players that made the team this year are (of course) Tim Thomas, Alex Ovechkin, Jonathan Toews, and Henrik Lundqvist (Most notable for being on my Top Ten Hottest list, haha).  The team in all has 48 players, 36 vets and 12 rookies.  This year the game is taking place in Ottawa on January 29th.  I’m sure that weekend the game and the skills competition will be on NBC, like it was last year.

Now the question until then is, who is going to be picked to lead each team.  My guess is that Ovechkin will be one of them and then I think Toews or Thomas stand a good chance of it also.  But we shall see! What do you guys think??

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Happy New Year everyone!  Hard to believe it is already 2012 but I’m very excited for what is to come.  Hope everyone had a great NYE, I had an amazing time (Plus my first ever NYE kiss, with my amazing boyfriend!)  but now on to some hockey…

The Stars decided to come into the New Year the right way, by a 4-2 win over the Boston Bruins! Here are some reasons as to why 2012 could (and hopefully) will be the year for the Stars.

  • New Owner – With the help from new owner, Tom Gaglardi, the Stars seem to be slowly but surely gaining some more popularity.  Now some of this may be due to the fact that the Cowboys are having (yet again) another losing season, until recently the future of the Mavs was unclear, and the Rangers came so close and yet so far two seasons in a row, but I like to think that Gaglardi’s decision to decrease ticket prices and increase special promotions has increased the accessibility of hockey to ‘non-fans’.  And Gaglardi’s best decision was bringing back Jim Lites, the original president and CEO of the Dallas Stars.  With this new restructuring of the Dallas Stars Executives the team, as a business, will hopefully gain some speed.  This would then allow the team, on the athletic side, to finer tune some things with the game, and hopefully make the PLAYOFF’S!
  • New Players – About half the team this season is new (or they keep getting moved up and/or down from the minors) but more or less half the team is new.  Which, compared to previous seasons, has proven to be a great thing!  Take Eric Nystrom, he has been incredible this season and he shows no signs of slowing down.  Then there is Ryder who helped the Stars reign in the New Year with a win over the Bruins last night.  Lastly, there is “The Fiddle”, he has been a pleasant surprise and a great asset to the team.  And with the news today that Jordie Benn (brother of the amazing Jamie Benn) we may very well have another newbie on the team who can help them make it to the PLAYOFF’S!
  • New Style – No doubt the biggest asset this team has going for them is  the new direction of coach Gulutzan!  He has spent his time and energy into molding the Stars into a stronger, more reliable team.  Sure they still have their struggles, like any good team, but without looking at wins and looses the Stars have pretty good stats, and they seem to only be getting better.  Gulutzan has the Stars heading in the right direction and maybe, just maybe, this season the Stars will make it back to the PLAYOFF’S!

All of these things can, and hopefully will, contribute to the Stars not only making the playoff’s but making it far!  With great players new and old (Looking at you Benn!), new management, and new coaching that finally has the Stars looking like a consistent team, the Stars stand a great chance of making those Playoff’s!!

The AAC looks much more packed than it did earlier in the season!

P.S. How thankful is everyone that Lehtonen is off of injured reserve and back in the net!!!

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Hey Guys!

So this past Monday night I went to the Stars game with…wait for it…my Boyfriend, Jon!  Now if you guys have seen my previous post about my first ever hockey date, then you know this wasn’t anything new.  Now what was new was that we went to the game with my sister (Diana), her husband (Mike), my nephew (Kyler), my Dad, and my Grandfather!!  Now before everyone starts asking “Why in the hell did that collection of people attended a hockey game with me and my boyfriend”, let me share the back story.

So I’ll give you the short version (although for me that ends up being the same story and there is real no shorter version…oh well).  About a month ago my sis called me up and told me that my nephew and his high-school band would be playing after the first period at one of the Stars games…yea I thought that was a little weird too…a high-school band at a hockey game?  Anyway so I bought two tickets, one for me and one for Jon.  Now some of you maybe thinking why in the hell did I bring Jon with me when he hasn’t even met my parents?!  Well luckily, I had already made plans for them to meet Jon a few weeks back.  So about a week and a half ago I took Jon home to meet my family, thankfully they all loved him (which why wouldn’t they!!) and it was all clear for us to all go to the game together!

Now back to the present.  Jon and I get to the game, a little late, because Dallas decided to have a major storm, but we got there none the less.  The game was a complete success…now the 5 previous games had resulted in shame for the Stars but luckily Jon brings good luck because the Stars kicked ass that night!

Highlights of the night:

  1. Well for starters Jon created his own player nickname, which now I’m of course going to try my hardest to make it catch on.  There is a new player on the team, and who knows how long he will last, but his name is Vernon Fiddler…which led Jon to call him “The Fiddle”.  So spread the word because if fiddler becomes a permanent member of the Stars he now has a new kick-ass nickname!
  2. Next was seeing my nephew get to walk out on to the ice, playing on his saxophone.  It was pretty cool, especially since he is part of the same high-school band that I was in high-school!  It was pretty cool, after they were done playing he came up to sit by his favorite uncle (Which would of course be me!)
  3. Lastly (and the best part of the entire night) was being able to sit next to Jon!  During the game it was pretty crowded around us, but we were still able to be affectionate throughout the game, which was so extremely nice!  We also managed to steal a few kisses after the game was over on our way back to the car.  And we also managed to snap a few pics before we left :)

So all in all it was an Amazing night!!  And I can’t wait for more hockey dates in the future!!

Vernon Fiddler aka "The Fiddle"

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Brendan Burke Documentary

Hey Guys!  Just wanted to let you know about a new documentary that has been playing on the LOGO channel (aka The gay channel). “The Legacy of Brendan Burke”.  It is a special documentary that recounts the life of Brendan Burke and the legacy that he leaves behind.  It was an amazing documentary and I’m not ashamed to say that I teared up multiple times.  It goes into detail about Brendan’s love for hockey, his coming out, his ambitions in hockey, and unfortunately his tragic untimely death.

For those of you that have seen my articles about Brendan Burke you know how amazing I think he was, and how I believe he single handedly did more for gays and hockey than anyone else has.  Luckily, Brendan leaves behind some amazing family members who work to keep Brendan’s dreams alive.  His brother Patrick still works today to spread the word about gays and sports.  It is so incredible to see and I’m so excited to see the strives that he is making! Then of course there is his dad, Brian Burke, the GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He attended a gay pride parade in Toronto without his son because he made a promise…and kept it. He also works closely with PFLAG to bring attention to the issue of gays and sports.  So amazing and sweet!!  What an amazing Dad and icon, that hopefully the hockey world emulates.

It still saddens me that we are coming up on the 2 year anniversary of Brendan’s horribly tragic death.  I can’t seem to help but wonder were hockey would be if Brendan was still out there combining the two worlds of hockey and the gay society.  He was inspirational about his coming out and I think there are people everywhere that look to him for courage to come out.  I just hope one day in the, not so distant, future that a professional athlete can look at Brendan’s story and see that the ice is shinier on the other side (Yes I’m aware how corny that was!).

Here is the link to the LOGO site where they are playing the documentary online.  I really hope you guys check it out…this is extremely important to not only gays and hockey but gays and sports in general!

Also, here is another link to an article that was posted on my collaboration site, Puck Buddy’s (Article By Andrew), it is about an interview with Patrick Burke.  You should check it out!

The Burke family that still makes strives in the efforts to have Brendan’s dream come true! (His mother is not photographed)

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Eric Nystrom – Who Knew?!?

Eric Nystrom…I have to say who the hell would have predicted that he would be this amazing?!?!

In his 11 games, this season with the Stars, Nystrom has already surpassed the amount of goals he shot last season with the Minnesota Wild…that is pretty unbelievable!  So what’s the deal?  Why is there a 180 degree difference in this seasons Nystrom versus last seasons Nystrom?  Well if you want my opinion, and since this is my blog, that is what you are going to get, I think it is a combination of three things:

  1. He’s under the direction of Coach Gulutzan…we have all seen the effects of the Stars new coaching and I think that is part of the reason why Nystrom has been able to get out there and show his stuff.
  2. He has been on the same line with Jamie Benn and Loui Erikkson.  Yes, we all know that I think Benn is a God on ice, but I truly believe that Nystrom is playing better because he is on a line with players that can help him with the puck, and with Benn playing center it seems to be working great!
  3. And lastly, Hard work…Nystrom said so himself, he worked his ass off this summer.  He didn’t really show his stuff in Minnesota so he worked hard and came to Dallas a MUCH better player!

Overall, the way Nystrom is playing he stands a great chance of being a key component to the Stars.  Hopefully he keeps it up!

Here is one of the amazing shots Nystrom has shot for the Stars!

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Great first 15 games!

Hey Guys!

So far this season we have won 11 amazing games and have lost 4.  This is a great start for the Stars and I’m just praying that they can keep this pace up!  Because the Stars is the best thing Dallas has going for them (Of course I’ve always thought that, but now other people are starting to!)  Due to the fact that the Cowboys are depressing each time they step out onto the field, the Rangers have been to the world series twice and came back empty-handed, and now the Mavericks may not even play…so that leaves Dallas with my Amazing boys!!!

I’m actually extremely glad I didn’t get the chance to watch last nights game because seeing James Neal lead his new team to victory against us, would have just been horribly depressing.  Plus, as many of you know I can’t stand any professional sports team that comes out of Pennsylvania.  But last night James Neal showed his stuff and out played the Dallas Stars.  Tonight they play against he Red Wings and hopefully can kick some ass!!  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch the game because I will be taking Jon home with me to meet my parents!  So I’ll probably be a little preoccupied, but you can bet that I’ll be refreshing my new Dallas Stars App that came out on Halloween!!

Now to recap one of the best games of the season so far… Stars vs. Avalanche!  What an amazing fight between both teams, and my man Benn was able to get 3 assist and 1 goal!!  The game was really exciting and it was awesome to see Eriksson shoot that winning goal during OT, and especially when it hit Erik Johnson, kind of funny! It was also nice to see Goligoski score a goal, he is a great part of the team….even though he came from the Penguins, lol!  It was a great game with so many goals I couldn’t keep track!

Just thought this pic was kind of funny!!


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So my post that I wrote for PuckBuddy’s about going out on a date to a Stars game, has been deemed worthy to be placed on the famous gay sports website OutSports  This is so freaking exciting for me, I’ve been following OutSports even before I started doing this blog and I love reading their stuff.  To have something of mine be put on their website is just so unbelievable. If you would like to take a look here it is:


So happy right now!! :)

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Puck Buddy’s Posting!

Hey guys!  Here is a link to a post that I wrote for “Puck Buddy’s“.  So the post is about my first experience going out on a date to a hockey game and everything that I felt when going…it was an AMAZING night and I can’t wait to experience it again! :)



P.S. Quick shout out to the amazing people I collaborate with on the Puck Buddy’s blog!  You guys are all amazing writers and it’s an honor to work with you guys!

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Stars at Ducks 10/21/11

So this Friday the Stars will be playing the Ducks in Anaheim.  This will mark the second game out of 4 away games for the stars, which is a long stretch and something no one looks forward too!

Before I get to Fridays game I MUST recap last nights game against Columbus.  They won 3-2 but the highlight of that game (and probably for the whole away game stretch) was Jamie Benn’s single-handed shot.  If you didn’t see it here it is:

How AMAZING is this man!! He bypasses not 1, not 2, but 4 freaking blue jackets and manages to shoot an amazing goal past the goalie!  It was incredible! If this doesn’t solidify that Benn is on his way to being one of the best and greatest in the NHL then I don’t know what will!

So on to Friday’s game.  I’m hoping for a win (Obviously!), but it will be a tough game.  The ducks have been playing really well this season and they are second in the pacific…luckily the Stars first!  The Stars seem to be playing really well, given the fact that 33% of the team is pretty much brand new!  I think the Stars stand a good chance at winning this game…it’s the next game that has me worried.  Right after Friday’s game comes Saturday’s game against the Kings, and that sucks!  Hopefully they can pull it off but the Stars have a bad history against the Kings and it’s weird but it seems like they choke when they play them.

Hopefully the Stars don’t choke with either of their games coming up this weekend!

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