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So thankfully the trade line passed today and THANKS to Joe, Brad Richards is still a Dallas Star!!  I must say I spent the entire day in class re-checking my phone to see if Richards had been traded or not.  I was really concerned especially after all the rumors that he was going to be traded but thankfully Joe knew better and kept Richards!  So now that the deadline has passed and we are looking to the playoffs and think the Stars still have a great chance of making the playoffs, January and February were tough for the Stars (with trades and injuries) but I went to the game on Saturday and I must say they were playing pretty well!  Also, Richards should hopefully be back on the ice soon so that is also something to look forward to!

Now my last post I was writing about how upset I was to lose Neal for a penguin…after seeing Goligoski play on Saturday I gotta say he is a great addition to the team!!  His defense is great and I loved watching him play with Robidas!! So I guess I have to retract my earlier statements…maybe not all of the Penguins are so bad.

Also, I was so glad to see Jamie Benn play last Saturday because he is just so freaking awesome on the ice!  I had great seats for the game on Saturday and I went with my 2nd Dad who I’ve known for over 12 years!  He had never been to a hockey game so it was an awesome time!!  Also, I got to wear my “Benn” jersey so all was awesome.  Plus we won so it was great!

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NOOO!!! Not James Neal

So I got some depressing news today!!  Apparently Joe thought it would be good to trade James Neal AND Matt Niskanen for a Penguin!!!

This really pisses me off because I LOVE both of these players and they are amazing contributors to the team!  Now I’ll be honest I don’t know who this Alex Goligoski is, but he is a Penguin and that is a problem!!  Either way I’m not liking this decision to get rid of these two players!!  It is very upsetting especially when the Stars are slipping away due to recent injuries.

I guess we shall see how this new guy works out but he is already starting off on the wrong foot with me because he is replacing Neal and Niskanen!  I’m also pissed at Joe for this decision, yes he knows much more about hockey than I do, but my point is Neal and Niskanen are great players and work well with the team.  Also, I HATE the Penguins!!

Well, I’ve got to go to some studying but I just wanted to complain about this for a moment because I was pissed when I found out!!


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Bye Bye Turco!

GM Joe Nieuwendyk officially stated today that the Stars would not be resigning Marty Turco.  Well I can’t say that this is any kind of shock I’m pretty sure everyone saw this coming especially after the Stars acquired Kari Lehtonen.  In his official press release Nieuwendyk thanked Turco for his 9 years of service.  Now as much as agree with the GM that this is the right move for the Stars, it is hard to say goodbye to Turco after all the great things he’s done for the team.

Here is a look at Turco’s NHL career with the Dallas Stars:

509 262 154 26 37 29,063 1118 40 2.31 0.911

Overall, Turco has been a great asset to the team and he will be missed.  But I’m also intrigued to see how Kari Lehtonen will do as head goalie next season.  He was pretty impressive those last few games of the season so he should be good next season!

So here are a few pics of the Great Goalie in action!!

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So Modano did an interview this morning in which he stated that he is scheduled in the line-up for Fridays game against the Oilers.  So that means he will be able to play the last five games of the season, and hopefully make it to where the Stars can go out with a bang!

Also, in the interview Modano talked about his future with the team and the possibility of playing next season (PLEASE GOD!!!).  So from the interview I gathered that he has three options: 1) Play with the Stars next season, my favorite option!!  2) Play for another team next season (HELL NO!!).  3) Lastly, he has been approached to participate in buying the franchise, which is cool because at least he would still be part of the team in some form.

He also, talked about the possibility that the team may not want him for next season, well here are my reasons as to why that would be one of the dumbest ideas: 1) Modano has been with the team since it began, he is the face of the Stars. 2) If the franchise is trying to get fans in the seats the last thing they should do is turn their backs on a fan favorite!! 3) Also, he may be older but there is a lot to be said for experience on the ice, he still contributes to the team in more than one way!

So there is my spiel on why Modano should come back next season!!!

I just hope Crawford and Nieuwendyk do the right thing, because turning their backs on Modano I think would turn away some fans, and that is the last thing they need right now!

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So I was reading an article this morning about how Coach Crawford and GM Joe Nieuwendyk have been really impressed by rookie Jamie Benn this season and his ability to step up to the plate…or I guess ice.  Here is the article in which Steve Ott discuss the benefit of having Benn on the team and how he will continue to contribute to the team!!  It’s a pretty good article that just proves my belief, that this whole season, Benn has been a HUGE asset to the team!


Here is Benn making a great play against the Avalanche a few weeks ago!!  (When you enlarge the picture it seems as though he has a pretty good ass!!)

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