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Here is the 2011 updated list of the Hottest Ten NHL Players…according to me!

1.  Jamie BennDallas Stars – If you even have to ask why Jamie is my number 1, go read more of my blog!!  On top of his hotness I’m so happy that others in the NHL community are finally seeing what an amazing player he is and how he is a huge contributor to the Stars!

2.  Brad RichardsDallas Stars – So Brad Richards is hot for many reasons, including but not limited to…He’s sexy (very sexy!), he’s a humanitarian, he won the Lady Byng trophy (So obviously he’s a gentleman), and he is a kick ass hockey player!!!

3.  Mike ModanoDetroit Red Wings – Obviously no hotties list is complete without Mike Modano, and there is a good reason why!  He has been the go to good-looking hockey player since he started playing the game professionally back in the early 90′s.  And is it just me or does he get better looking every year!!

4.  Patrick Sharp – Chicago Blackhawks – So here is our first new comer to the list…and after looking him up, I have no idea why on earth  he wasn’t on last years list…because he is just so freaking hot it kills me!!  Of course he is married but that really isn’t surprising because just look at the man!

5.  Mike RichardsPhiladelphia Flyers -So I know that this is the Captain of the Flyers and if you read my blog you know that by no means am I a fan of them…but this guy is so hot I just couldn’t pass him up on the list!!  I don’t think that it is one defining characteristic that makes Richards hot, I think it is a collective thing…basically that means that he is just hot, plain and simple.

6.  Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangers - Lundqvist is not normally my type of man (a little too pretty), but I have to say he is rather sexy!  I think his best feature is probably his smile, plus he looks amazing in a suit!

7.  Zach Parise - New Jersey Devils – Zach Parise is what I like to call ‘Jock Hot’.  He has that typical jock look; nice body, cocky smile, and rugged sexy look.  Basically I totally dig that look and that’s why he’s on the list!

8.  Mike GreenWashington CapitalsMike Green is the token ‘Bad Boy’…and that makes him so incredibly hot!!  He seems to never smile in any of his pictures but I did find some and he should smile more, because he is pretty cute! 

9.  Rick DiPietroNew York Islanders – DiPietro was on last years list and when I was doing this years list I just had to keep him on.  First of all his arms of incredible!  Plus, he is quite the goalie and he is also a rugged sort of man…that is totally hot!

10.    Taylor PyattPhoenix Coyotes – Pyatt kind of reminds me of the ‘boy next door’, he has kind eyes and a cute smile.  He just seems like an all around nice guy and that makes he very very sexy/adorable.

Honorable Mentions:

Vincent Lecavalier

Jonathon Toews

Mike Comrie

Brenden Morrow

So there you guys have it, my picks for the 2011 hottest hockey players!!  So what do you guys think, did I leave anyone off???

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So after the Stars were eliminated from playoff contention I switched my hopes to three other teams.  For the western conference I was pulling for the Colorado Avalanche.  Why?  Mainly because a few years ago the Avalanche were something to be feared, but in the past 6 years they haven’t lived up to their legacy.  After not making playoffs last season I was going to pull for them this year in the western conference.  For the eastern conference I was pulling for the New Jersey Devils and the Buffalo Sabres.  I’ll be honest the main reason I was pulling for the Devils is because Zach Parise is totally hot!!  But the Sabres I actually want to do well, because I think they have a great defense especially with Ryan Miller in the net.  To me they are a team that truly has a defense that works well with the goalie.

Well so these were the teams I was rooting for, and it turns out that all three of them aren’t doing the best in their quarterfinal match-ups.  The Avalanche are tied in their series with the Sharks (2-2).  The Devils are behind in their series against the Flyers (3-1).  Lastly, the Sabres are behind in their series against the Bruins (2-1).  It looks as if the Avalanche and the Sabres still have a fighting chance but I think the Devils are probably going to be finished soon.  Hopefully, the Sabres and Avalanche can pull off some more wins so that they make the semifinals.

If you are interested in watching the playoff games, most of them are shown on the “VS.” network and if not there they are probably being shown on the NHL network.  The Sabres play tonight at 6pm CT, the Avalanche play tomorrow night at 9:30pm CT, and the Devils play tomorrow night at 6:30pm CT.  So tonight I think I’m going to watch the Sabres and hopefully they can pull off a win!!

Also, just to reiterate Zach Parise is sooooo HOT!!!!!

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So here is a top ten list of what I believe to be the hottest guys in the NHL!!  I bet you can guess who number 1 is….

  1. Jamie Benn – So of course this is my number 1, and if you read more of my blog it becomes very apparent that I may have an obsession problem!!!

2.  Zach Parise – So I knew of Zack Parise but it wasn’t until the Vancouver olympics that I truly noticed how incredibly hot he is!!  Not to mention he is currently one of the best american players in the league.

3. Mike Fisher – So I put Mike Fisher in the top ten because he may not have much going on in the face department but something about him is just so sexy.  Plus he has an AMAZING body!!  Also, he seems like a great guy so that makes him sexier!  (Also, he is engaged to Carrie Underwood…good for him because she is hot.)

4. Mike Modano – How could I not put Modano in this list he just exudes sex appeal!!  He is an amazing player and apparently an amazing person!  Plus I have had a crush on him since I first watched the Stars win the Stanley Cup.

5. Mike Comrie – So yet another Mike and this one happens to be dating Hilary Duff.  He is really hot and I think the main reason is because he just seems really manly which is totally sexy!

6. Brad Richards – Ok I know it seems I’m favoring the Stars (which I probably am) but Brad Richards is totally hot.  Now I hate when guys have long hair but Richards is one of the few guys that looks good with long hair, but he is still hotter with short hair!

7. Rick DiPietro – So this is one hot goalie that could stop my puck any day!  (So I know that doesn’t really makes sense but it sounds dirty and proves a point that this guy is hot.)  Plus, look at those arms!

8. Max Talbot – So I had never heard of Talbot before but when I was looking up pictures of Sidney Crosby I saw his picture and thought immediately how incredibly sexy he is.  He kind of looks like a major douche…but he is still hot!

9. Henrik Lundqvist – So Henrik really isn’t the type of man I’m interested in (too pretty) but there is no denying the fact that he is hot!!  (JuJu wanted me to put his brother, Joel, in but I decided against it because he no longer plays for the NHL)

10. Sidney Crosby – So before the olympics I thought Sidney Crosby was hot, but then during the olympics I was disgusted by the fact that he scored the game winning goal against the US so I thought he was ugly…now he is back to semi-hot!  (By the way he kinda looks like Andy Samburg.)

So there you have it, the Top Ten Hottest NHL players!!!  So now who do you think I should have added or taken off??  Also, if you say I should have taken off Jamie Benn then you can suck it because he is HOT!!!

Update(03/15/2011) – If you would like to have some input for the 2011 updated list visit the new post here


Update(03/27/2011) – Here is the 2011 Top Ten Hottest NHL Players


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So last Sunday the USA and Canada had their first game against one another and the USA absolutely kicked ass!  Even though the game wasn’t even for a medal, it was still the single best game I have ever seen live.  It was amazing to watch the pregame show and how every single announcer/analyst said that Canada would undoubtedly win, because it was “Canada’s Sport”.  Well apparently they were all wrong.  The USA won by a score of 5-3.  It was truly a fantastic game, my favorite goal came when the US men scored within the 40 seconds of the game, that shut the Canadians up!  It was such a good game that even my parents called me up saying how much they enjoyed it.  The most incredible player on both teams was Ryan Miller, the goalie for the US.  He was absolutely amazing, the best goaltending I have seen.

The one thing I have noticed while watching the US men’s team is that there is one player, Zach Parise, who is really hot!!  Now don’t worry Jamie Benn is still my favorite hottie, but man this Zach guy is really good-looking.  Of course he is straight, like they all are, but damn he is hot!!  So that was a pleasant surprise on top of the fantastic win on Sunday.

So now the US and Canada are both in the semifinals and each have to beat their respective teams so that they can play each other again, except this time it will be for a gold medal!!  If the opportunity presents itself I really hope the US can beat Canada again.  But my worry is that they won’t because I saw Canada’s last game and they were ruthless, my guess is that they are so ashamed that they are now trying to prove a point.  If they do play each other in the gold medal game it will definitely be one hell of a game!!

So today the men play Finland and if they win they go to the gold medal game, Go USA!!!!!

Here is Parise celebrating a goal against the smug and arrogant Martin Brodeur!!!

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