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So here is a top ten list of what I believe to be the hottest guys in the NHL!!  I bet you can guess who number 1 is….

  1. Jamie Benn – So of course this is my number 1, and if you read more of my blog it becomes very apparent that I may have an obsession problem!!!

2.  Zach Parise – So I knew of Zack Parise but it wasn’t until the Vancouver olympics that I truly noticed how incredibly hot he is!!  Not to mention he is currently one of the best american players in the league.

3. Mike Fisher – So I put Mike Fisher in the top ten because he may not have much going on in the face department but something about him is just so sexy.  Plus he has an AMAZING body!!  Also, he seems like a great guy so that makes him sexier!  (Also, he is engaged to Carrie Underwood…good for him because she is hot.)

4. Mike Modano – How could I not put Modano in this list he just exudes sex appeal!!  He is an amazing player and apparently an amazing person!  Plus I have had a crush on him since I first watched the Stars win the Stanley Cup.

5. Mike Comrie – So yet another Mike and this one happens to be dating Hilary Duff.  He is really hot and I think the main reason is because he just seems really manly which is totally sexy!

6. Brad Richards – Ok I know it seems I’m favoring the Stars (which I probably am) but Brad Richards is totally hot.  Now I hate when guys have long hair but Richards is one of the few guys that looks good with long hair, but he is still hotter with short hair!

7. Rick DiPietro – So this is one hot goalie that could stop my puck any day!  (So I know that doesn’t really makes sense but it sounds dirty and proves a point that this guy is hot.)  Plus, look at those arms!

8. Max Talbot – So I had never heard of Talbot before but when I was looking up pictures of Sidney Crosby I saw his picture and thought immediately how incredibly sexy he is.  He kind of looks like a major douche…but he is still hot!

9. Henrik Lundqvist – So Henrik really isn’t the type of man I’m interested in (too pretty) but there is no denying the fact that he is hot!!  (JuJu wanted me to put his brother, Joel, in but I decided against it because he no longer plays for the NHL)

10. Sidney Crosby – So before the olympics I thought Sidney Crosby was hot, but then during the olympics I was disgusted by the fact that he scored the game winning goal against the US so I thought he was ugly…now he is back to semi-hot!  (By the way he kinda looks like Andy Samburg.)

So there you have it, the Top Ten Hottest NHL players!!!  So now who do you think I should have added or taken off??  Also, if you say I should have taken off Jamie Benn then you can suck it because he is HOT!!!

Update(03/15/2011) – If you would like to have some input for the 2011 updated list visit the new post here


Update(03/27/2011) – Here is the 2011 Top Ten Hottest NHL Players


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