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Happy New Year everyone!  Hard to believe it is already 2012 but I’m very excited for what is to come.  Hope everyone had a great NYE, I had an amazing time (Plus my first ever NYE kiss, with my amazing boyfriend!)  but now on to some hockey…

The Stars decided to come into the New Year the right way, by a 4-2 win over the Boston Bruins! Here are some reasons as to why 2012 could (and hopefully) will be the year for the Stars.

  • New Owner – With the help from new owner, Tom Gaglardi, the Stars seem to be slowly but surely gaining some more popularity.  Now some of this may be due to the fact that the Cowboys are having (yet again) another losing season, until recently the future of the Mavs was unclear, and the Rangers came so close and yet so far two seasons in a row, but I like to think that Gaglardi’s decision to decrease ticket prices and increase special promotions has increased the accessibility of hockey to ‘non-fans’.  And Gaglardi’s best decision was bringing back Jim Lites, the original president and CEO of the Dallas Stars.  With this new restructuring of the Dallas Stars Executives the team, as a business, will hopefully gain some speed.  This would then allow the team, on the athletic side, to finer tune some things with the game, and hopefully make the PLAYOFF’S!
  • New Players – About half the team this season is new (or they keep getting moved up and/or down from the minors) but more or less half the team is new.  Which, compared to previous seasons, has proven to be a great thing!  Take Eric Nystrom, he has been incredible this season and he shows no signs of slowing down.  Then there is Ryder who helped the Stars reign in the New Year with a win over the Bruins last night.  Lastly, there is “The Fiddle”, he has been a pleasant surprise and a great asset to the team.  And with the news today that Jordie Benn (brother of the amazing Jamie Benn) we may very well have another newbie on the team who can help them make it to the PLAYOFF’S!
  • New Style – No doubt the biggest asset this team has going for them is  the new direction of coach Gulutzan!  He has spent his time and energy into molding the Stars into a stronger, more reliable team.  Sure they still have their struggles, like any good team, but without looking at wins and looses the Stars have pretty good stats, and they seem to only be getting better.  Gulutzan has the Stars heading in the right direction and maybe, just maybe, this season the Stars will make it back to the PLAYOFF’S!

All of these things can, and hopefully will, contribute to the Stars not only making the playoff’s but making it far!  With great players new and old (Looking at you Benn!), new management, and new coaching that finally has the Stars looking like a consistent team, the Stars stand a great chance of making those Playoff’s!!

The AAC looks much more packed than it did earlier in the season!

P.S. How thankful is everyone that Lehtonen is off of injured reserve and back in the net!!!

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Hey Guys!

So this past Monday night I went to the Stars game with…wait for it…my Boyfriend, Jon!  Now if you guys have seen my previous post about my first ever hockey date, then you know this wasn’t anything new.  Now what was new was that we went to the game with my sister (Diana), her husband (Mike), my nephew (Kyler), my Dad, and my Grandfather!!  Now before everyone starts asking “Why in the hell did that collection of people attended a hockey game with me and my boyfriend”, let me share the back story.

So I’ll give you the short version (although for me that ends up being the same story and there is real no shorter version…oh well).  About a month ago my sis called me up and told me that my nephew and his high-school band would be playing after the first period at one of the Stars games…yea I thought that was a little weird too…a high-school band at a hockey game?  Anyway so I bought two tickets, one for me and one for Jon.  Now some of you maybe thinking why in the hell did I bring Jon with me when he hasn’t even met my parents?!  Well luckily, I had already made plans for them to meet Jon a few weeks back.  So about a week and a half ago I took Jon home to meet my family, thankfully they all loved him (which why wouldn’t they!!) and it was all clear for us to all go to the game together!

Now back to the present.  Jon and I get to the game, a little late, because Dallas decided to have a major storm, but we got there none the less.  The game was a complete success…now the 5 previous games had resulted in shame for the Stars but luckily Jon brings good luck because the Stars kicked ass that night!

Highlights of the night:

  1. Well for starters Jon created his own player nickname, which now I’m of course going to try my hardest to make it catch on.  There is a new player on the team, and who knows how long he will last, but his name is Vernon Fiddler…which led Jon to call him “The Fiddle”.  So spread the word because if fiddler becomes a permanent member of the Stars he now has a new kick-ass nickname!
  2. Next was seeing my nephew get to walk out on to the ice, playing on his saxophone.  It was pretty cool, especially since he is part of the same high-school band that I was in high-school!  It was pretty cool, after they were done playing he came up to sit by his favorite uncle (Which would of course be me!)
  3. Lastly (and the best part of the entire night) was being able to sit next to Jon!  During the game it was pretty crowded around us, but we were still able to be affectionate throughout the game, which was so extremely nice!  We also managed to steal a few kisses after the game was over on our way back to the car.  And we also managed to snap a few pics before we left :)

So all in all it was an Amazing night!!  And I can’t wait for more hockey dates in the future!!

Vernon Fiddler aka "The Fiddle"

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