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The past few games…

So I haven’t really had any new posts that revolve around any of the latest hockey games of the Stars and that mostly is due to the fact that I have been bogged down by school recently but now I’ve got some free time!

I may be biased but it seems to me that the Stars got out of the rut when Jamie Benn came out of injured reserve, haha!  Now I know that isn’t entirely true (because Grossman and Richards are apart of that come back as well) but my boy Benn has been playing like a freakin’ beast!!  He has had so many goals and assists these past games that it is amazing!!  And all of this great playing by Benn is finally being recognized on a broader scale, about damn time!!  As of now Benn has more points now than he did all last season, and that doesn’t even count the goal he just scored against Turco tonight!  Basically Benn is amazing and finally the mainstream hockey world is seeing it!

Other than Benn everyone else is really playing amazing too!  Morrow, Ribeiro, and Robidas have really been keeping the team together especially with the month of injuries that was February.  All in all the Stars, I think, stand a great chance at the playoff’s this year.  Now it isn’t a slam dunk for the Stars because there are so many teams in the conference that are just so neck and neck, which makes these next few games really important!  As a side note it looks as if the Stars are on their way to a win tonight against the Blackhawks!!!

Also, I must say Goligoski is really kicking ass and I really enjoy watching him play!  So here are some pictures from the past few games!

Even though Benn looks like he’s in pain in that first picture I thought it was a pretty cool pic!!

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Bye Bye Turco!

GM Joe Nieuwendyk officially stated today that the Stars would not be resigning Marty Turco.  Well I can’t say that this is any kind of shock I’m pretty sure everyone saw this coming especially after the Stars acquired Kari Lehtonen.  In his official press release Nieuwendyk thanked Turco for his 9 years of service.  Now as much as agree with the GM that this is the right move for the Stars, it is hard to say goodbye to Turco after all the great things he’s done for the team.

Here is a look at Turco’s NHL career with the Dallas Stars:

509 262 154 26 37 29,063 1118 40 2.31 0.911

Overall, Turco has been a great asset to the team and he will be missed.  But I’m also intrigued to see how Kari Lehtonen will do as head goalie next season.  He was pretty impressive those last few games of the season so he should be good next season!

So here are a few pics of the Great Goalie in action!!

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So last night was one of the best games I have ever seen…it was emotional, it was fun, and above all it was memorable!!  I’m not ashamed to say that I teared up during the 3 minute standing ovation for Modano!!  Seeing him get emotional, at what could be his last home game with the Stars, was just such a wonderful memory that will always be embedded into my brain!  This was not the only reason the game was so amazing, what made it better was due to the fact that it was because of Modano and his line (Benn and Lehtinen) that the Stars won!!  The best minutes of the game came towards the end when the Stars were down 2-1 and Modano scored the goal that tied the game leading to a shootout!!  It was an amazing end of the regulation game and I was jumping up and down in my room for the better part of the last period especially during Modano’s standing ovation!  During the shootout, Richards was the first one up and didn’t get the puck past the goalie, so then shortly after came Modano’s turn.  While Modano starting to skate with the puck the entire arena went still, no one was talking and then suddenly the only thing you hear is Modano’s puck hit the goal post and bounce into the net…..and the crowd went nuts!!!!   It was insane, an all around uproar rushed through the arena and the widest smile on Modano’s face appeared when he realized that the Star’s can pull this win off!!  So last but not least another Stars Vet. Jere Lehtinen takes his puck and skates towards the opposing goal, knowing that this goal would win it for the Stars…and suddenly he blasts the puck in past the goalie deciding the win would go to the Stars!!!!!  It was amazing, the players were enthralled with the uproar from the crowd and Modano yet again received a standing ovation and again got emotional (as did I!).

After the game they players remained on the ice to sign their jersey’s and take pictures with a chosen fan!!  It was painful to watch as some other dude was lucky enough to get Jamie Benn’s jersey, that asshole!!!  Anyway, during the jersey signing the other players stayed with Modano as he took an enormous amount of pictures with various fans and other players.  It was really bittersweet to see this happen, mainly because Modano couldn’t have ended his career with a better game.  It was sad to think that this may have been his last home game but the way it ended was PERFECT!!  As a whole it could not have gone any better for Modano!!

Also, during the jersey signing Turco was also getting high praises although nothing compared to Modano’s praises but I didn’t expect them to be.  To me it looked as if Turco was a little annoyed with the reception for Modano, because he didn’t get near the amount of praise from the crowd.  But if you ask me the game last night should, and was, all about Modano!

Here are a look at some of the highlights from last night!!  I will try to post a video of some other highlights from last night.

All in all I will always remember this game and it couldn’t have been more perfect!!  You know you have a real man when he can cry, I gotta say its kind of hot!!  But, in all seriousness Mike Modano is and will always be the face of the Dallas Stars!!  He is a spectacular hockey player and an even more amazing person!!  The Stars won’t be the same without him!!

By the way I can’t end this post without mentioning that the first goal of the game came from my boy Benn with an amazing assist from Modano and Lehtinen!

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So it is official the Stars wont being going to the playoffs for the second season in a row.  It became official when the Avalanche won their last game on Sunday.  So now the remaining three games don’t really matter to the Stars except that now the team will test out some new players, like another goalie by the name of Climie.  So I guess tonight we might see some new players.

Also, these remaining games might be the last for a few of the players, like Modano, Turco, and J. Lehtinen.  These three might have there last games with the Stars because all of their contracts expire at the end of the season.  Now I know that for Modano his decision will be anounced during the summer, I jsut hope it is the right one!!  As for Turco, I think these three games will be his last with the Stars, now that they are grooming K. Lehtonen for lead goalie, I think Turco might just retire.  Now for J. Lehtinen, Coach Crawford has said that he would be glad to have him back…I’m not so sure if thats a good idea.  Yea sure he is a pretty consistent player but that doens’t work if your consistently bad!!  He just has not been the best player these past couple seasons.

By the way, Toby Peterson got his contract extended for 2 years!!!  That’s pretty good, I think he is valuable center at this point, we will see how he does next season.

Anyway the Stars play the Blackhawks tonight at 7:30pm!  Hopefully they play a great game even thought they wont be in the playoffs this season…

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Another win for the Stars and it was the first time this season that they beat the Kings!!  The final score was 4-1.  All five scores in the game occurred to power plays, this I think was due to the fact that the ref seemed to call anything that they saw…they wern’t the best refs.  So in the first period Morrow started off the goals with a power play goal and then shortly after that the Kings came back with a goal as well.  In the second period Richards scored twice within five minutes of each other and in the third period Ott was the final scorer with an assist from Benn.  The game was really good and I was happy that they won!!

The player of the game had to be Lehtonen, as he has done a lot for the Stars since his late arrival.  He has been making great plays and for the most part being very consistent!  I think that Lehtonen is in great standing to take over for Turco and he will also be a big part of the Stars next season.

Here is Lehtonen making a great catch against the Kings last night!!

Now in terms of playoffs, I guess from a technical standpoint the Stars could make the playoffs but from a realistic standpoint they won’t.  Here is the thing, they need to basically win all of their remaining games and they need playoff contending teams to really screw the pooch!  Now they are sitting in tenth place right now, in terms of points, and need to be in the eight position to make playoffs (doesn’t seem so bad) but there are nine points that separate those positions, so that makes it unlikely that the stars will be able to do it.  But I’ll keep my hopes up!

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Stars vs Sharks take 2

So no such luck for the Stars Thursday night, they got shut out against the Sharks by 3-0.  It wasn’t the best of games and the Stars didn’t play that well either.  The good news is that apparently the Stars are not totally out of the Playoffs but it is looking grim.  Hopefully they can win their last few games and clinch a spot in the playoffs!  That means that tonight they have to beat the Kings, it is going to be hard but I believe they can do it!!  So watch the game tonight at 9:30pm central time!!

Meanwhile the Sharks win assured them a spot in the Playoffs, hopefully the Stars will be able to meet them again in the playoffs!

Here is Turco making a pretty good save against the Sharks!

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So great  news the Stars finally won their first game since the end of the break, and it was a great come back!!  The Stars were behind 3-0 going into the third period but then had a great period with scoring three goals tying the game up forcing them into a shootout.  During the regular game of pay Turco made an amazing 49 saves!!!  Making it the most saves he has ever had in one game.  During the shootout my favorite Benn started and sadly didn’t get his goal, but right after him Richards came in and scored, tying the shootout score!!!  Finally the last person to shoot was Eriksson and thankfully he got his puck through, allowing the Stars for a great come back win!!!!

So what a great comeback for the Stars and hopefully this boost there spirits so that they can have a great game tonight against the Sabres in Buffalo!!

Loui ErikssonHere is Eriksson celebrating his game winning shootout goal against the Washington Capitals!!  (And yes I chose this picture because it also included Benn!!!)

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For the second player of the month it was a tough decision, because the Stars only played half the month of the February due to the olympics.  But with only a few games to judge by I would have to say that Marty Turco is the next player of the month.  He was quite spectacular during the month of February having two shut-out games and blocking well over 200 shots on goal.  During January Turco wasn’t on his best game, but a replacement by Alex Auld for three games snapped him back into shape and he came out with a point to prove.  He is definitely a fantastic goalie and has certainly proved it in these last few games.  Hopefully he can keep it going so that we can make it into the playoffs this year!

So there you have it Marty Turco is the “Player of the Month” for March!!

You have to give the man props for being in his 30′s and being able to do the splits like that!!

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So last night was the last game before the olympic break, and what a game it was!!!  The Stars had yet another shutout against the Coyotes making it the second time in a row!!  The final score was 3-0, with newbie Brandon Segal scoring the first goal of the game.  Rookie Jamie Benn scored the second goal of the game with a great assist from Mike Ribeiro.  The last goal of the game came from Toby Peterson in the last minutes of the game.

Marty Turco was, yet again, the reason the Stars had a shutout last night.  He saved a total of 40 shots last night.  I would have to say that Turco was undoubtedly the best player of the night, while Ribeiro was a close second.  Even though Ribeiro didn’t score any points last night he was really working his ass off to control that puck.  Plus he had that great pass to Benn which then lead to the Stars second goal. 

With the win last night it puts the Stars in playoff contention!!  They are in the 9th spot in the western conference and are only 1 point away from being in the 8th spot!!  Being in the 8th spot would then allow the Stars to go to the playoffs!!! 

So anyway this will be the last Stars post for the next two weeks due to the olympics, but I’ll be posting about the olympics for those two weeks!!

Here  is Modano playing some great defense during a Coyote power-play.

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Stars vs. Flames

So Thursday the Stars played the Calgary Flames and really kicked ass!   The final score was 3-1 with Ribeiro scoring two of the goals and my favorite, Benn, scoring another.  The only goal for the Flames actually came from the Stars own Captain, Brendan Morrow, when he accidently swung the puck into his own net!!!  To be fair he was trying to get the puck out of the goalie area but he just made a mistake and sent it into our own net!  All in all it was a very exciting game!!  The Stars had a lot of power plays against them and were able  to block every shot against them, speaking of blocking, Turco made 32 saves! 

During the last-minute of the game the Flames put another puck in the net, or so they thought.  After a long review the ref’s determined that the puck never fully crossed the goal line, therefore it was not a goal, great news for the Stars!!!  After the Flames failed attempt at a goal they decided to add a 6th man on the ice and therefore, left their net unattended, this then led to Ribeiro scoring a goal with a shot from his own blue line. Spectacular! 

The best player of the night was probably Turco, he made some great saves and was able to protect the net against many power plays!

Jamie Benn after scoring the second goal of the night, with assists from Morrow and James Neal.

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Stars vs. Coyotes

Well on a lighter note, the Stars completely mopped the ice with the coyotes beating them 4-0!!  It was truly a fantastic game with Jamie Benn scoring 2 goals in the second period, while Loui Eriksson and James Neal each scored a goal in the first period.  Marty Turco had his 39th career shutout not letting one of the 34 shots enter the net.  The undeniable player of the game was Benn.  His first goal came from doing a fantastic backhand shot, making the score 3-0.  His second goal came during a power play (for the Stars), making him the 5th highest scoring rookie in the NHL.  Although Benn was the best of the night, the best play came from Eriksson.  During a power play (for the coyotes) Eriksson got the puck snuck straight down the middle, tricked the goalie, and scored!  It was truly a great play! 

It is really going to piss me off if the stars don’t sign Benn, because he is really outshining many of the teams veteran players.  Not only is he a fantastic player but he is also REALLY hot!!  So this was the last home game of February, due to the winter olympics, I hope the stars do well on the road!!

Also, I was glad that the Stars kicked ass, because their coach from last year, Dave Tippett, is now the coach of the Coyotes!  So it was good to shove that in his face!!

Here is Benn scoring his first goal, with an amazing backhanded shot!!!

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Don’t forget to watch tonight as the Dallas Stars take on the Columbus Blue Jackets in Ohio!  Game starts at 6pm and will appear on Fox Sports Southwest.  Should be a great game considering the blue jackets just fired their head coach two days ago!!!

Soooo anyway turns out it wasn’t such a good night for the stars the Blue Jackets ended up winning 2-0.  The second goal came in the last minute of the game when the stars pulled Turco out for an extra player on the ice, and Columbus got it into the empty net.  Turco still did a great job though, better than some of the forwards.  Fabian Brunnstrom was probably the best of the night, he passed the puck well and had a couple of shots on goal.  He hasn’t been doing so well this season but he definitely has turned it around these past couple of games.  Also, I have to give my props to Jamie Benn!!  This is a rookie that not only is playing a new position (center) but is also doing a fantastic job.  He really works for the puck and sets up some really great plays.  If the stars don’t sign him they are complete dumb asses!

Anyway so that was the game, not really a great one.  But I did get to go to one of my best friend’s (Nick) new apartment and watch the game!!  Even though my friends aren’t the biggest fans of Hockey they still watch it with me!! (That’s probably what makes them best friends.)

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So last night the Dallas Stars played the Minnesota Wild’s at home…and won!!!  It was a great game with my two favorite (and the hottest) players each scoring a goal.  Marty Turco, the goalie, was really on his game last night as he stopped a total 42 shots! While the stars only had 18 shots on goal they powered 4 of them through the Wild’s goalie.  James Neal scored first while Brad Richards scored second in the same period during a power play.  Minnesota then came back in the second period with a vengence as they scored a goal with in the periods first 50 seconds.  But thankfully just as quickly, Modano snuck the puck past the Wild and scored just a minute later.  The same thing happened again in the third period when Minnesota scored another goal in the third period, but thankfully Jamie Benn took the puck and scored on the Wild just 53 seconds later.  Causing the final score to be 4-2.  I also have to say that I was very pissed off when I left my room for a minute to find out that when I got back Modano and Minnesota had each scored a goal!  Luckily I got to watch the great play on the replay.  By the way I missed the goal because my roommate, who shall remain nameless (JuJu!!), was too lazy to get out of her bed so I had to go and retrieve the popsicle that she so desperately needed!!!

Arguably the best plays were made by the two hottest men on the team!!!  And in my opinion the best players!  But I do have to say that Turco was the real reason the Stars won their game last night, he played so spectacularly.  He returned, after his 6 game bench, and really showed the Stars why he is their starting goalie!

Turco making a great catch during the second period!

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