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Hell yea!!

This is a video of a woman proposing to her girlfriend at a Senator’s/Maple Leaf’s game, watch how sweet it is!!

So I love this video and with all the “You Can Play” initiative talk lately this video could not have come at a more perfect time! After all this stuff the past few weeks it seems like hockey is well on its way to being one of the more tolerant pro sports! I also really loved how the two women didn’t seem self-conscious or afraid to express their love in front of thousands of hockey fans! It’s great and hopefully that means sometime in the future I could do the same thing!

Just thought I would share this cute video…who knows maybe one day this could happen to me, except at a Stars game! Haha!

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You Can Play

Real quick…sorry for the nonexistence, just been really busy with life and haven’t had a laptop to write on.  But I’m trying to make an effort to get better, this next story gave me the push I needed!

So first of all I’m posting this video, please watch spread and then read below!!

I’m in LOVE with this video!!  It sends out such an amazing message to everyone, not just gay people and hockey players. Everyone can benefit from the message in this video and I think it is an incredible homage to Brendan Burke and what he wanted to happen for the professional world of hockey!

The foundation You Can Play Project has a website and I encourage everyone to visit it and join their cause! This isn’t just about hockey it is about all professional sports and the gay athletes that deserve to play openly for them! I joined an hour ago and am very excited to see what this Project can do!

Patrick Burke, Brendan Burke’s brother, is one of the founding members of the You Can Play Project and I think it is amazing that he continues to live out his brothers wishes and dreams. Such an amazing brother!

Please go to the website and spread the word, this is a huge deal and I hope it gets the attention it deserves and I hope it brings the change that is needed!

And a huge Thank You to Vincent for sending me the link to the video!! You’re awesome!

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